Kid's School

Pre-school is a very important place for every child. At Munchkins, we believe in empowering each and every child with the gift of compassionate teaching that leads to passionate learning . That’s why ,we set out to create an atmosphere for creating, value, voice and vision among kids with play way methods . Here, we believe that Every child is unique and full of Creativities and Innovations.

Welcome to the world of creativities and innovations Munchkins Pre- school & Kindergarten is brain child of Sardar Patel Public School, Kanpur. Munchkins is a different & unique Pre school, with such designed curriculum synthesizing Indian culture, environment and kids physic. In Munchkins, we blend worldwide technological best education practices with our value system. We at Munchkins made efforts to create world of happiness & satisfaction not just of the children but also their parents. We are dedicated to providing children a creatively stimulating and nurturing place of excellence where their growth is self propelled and they can be themselves, as they revel in the joy of childhood. We provide the opportunities and tools each child needs to grow in to a happy, secure, independent and knowledgeable individual.


The Teaching methodology is child focused and involves interactive teachings techniques using best of the modern equipments and material . We lay emphasis on maximum use of games, toys , teaching aids, by well trained staff to attain best results. Methodology adopted by MUNCHKINS is based on research and scientific facts on how children learn and what they learn? This process of learning ensures that children develop conceptual understanding of various topics and how to apply these concepts across various subjects in their later school years. Hence, our focus is at providing the best-modern-comfortable amenities to our little ones.

A Place to Learn, Play and Grow together
  • Determine-and -learn with extremely interactive teaching methodology
  • Action based learning, themes and concepts used to impact the knowledge
  • Every child treated as a sole individual
  • Flexible activity program which is age-appropriate and accommodates the most recent teaching techniques
  • Stipulation for both indoor and outdoor activities.


This program is suitable for 1.6 to 3+ years of students. At this stage, children progress further as our facilitators prepare them for a formal schooling, interview and experiences. A wide arena of themes broadens their vision and helps in stepping a higher milestone apt for their age. Nursery program promotes language development and puts emphasis on encouraging the inner potential and instill confidence of the students to verbalise their thoughts. feelings and impression of the world around . At this stage, the child is ready to fly into the world outside and widen his horizon of learning, thoughts and imagination.


Till now the child gets well adjusted in their play school with lots of friends and have started with their writing, reading and solving math problems too with the help of concepts learned in the previous program.The accelerated development ladder, along with the variety of experiences prepares the child for formal schooling and class environment.

Uniform for PG, K1, K2

We encourage all students to wear complete and clean uniform to school. You can get school uniform bearing the school logo from the school premises itself once the admission of your ward is accepted. ‌Summers Light cream half sleeve shirt, Red check pants or skirt, belt, white socks, black leather shoes ‌Winters Light cream half sleeve shirt, Red check pants or skirts, white socks, black leather shoes, School Overall Pullovers navy blue colour with school name ‌Sports uniform School t-shirt, white pants or skirts, white socks, white canvas shoes


Transport facilities Keeping in line with the expectation of the parents, school provides good transport facility. Pick up and drop facility is given to all students, ensuring complete safety. Though adequate care is taken for the safety of child, the school is not responsible for any accident, mishap or injury that may occur in or around the school premises or during travel. ‌Parents are requested to send a written note if a child is to be sent back with any other guardian not introduced to the school faculty before. Else we would not send the child.


As a matter of practice we advise parents not to send sick children to the school. ‌However, if the child is in recuperative mode and needs some follow up medicines, then the parents need to give the medicine along with a medicine approval form and the doctor's prescription and we can give it when the time is due. They should also get in touch with the child's class teacher.

‌If a child feels sick during the school hours, we immediately inform the parent and take the child to nearest available facility with due approval from the parents. ‌ School also organises periodical health check-ups for kids to get updated with their physical health.


SPIC/SPPS Barra Branch :W-2 Juhi, Barra , Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh,India, 208027
Contact No. : 8795994400

SPPS Naubasta Branch : S-4, Deen Dayal Puram Naubasta, Kanpur Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India, 208021
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