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  • An ISO 9001:2015 Certified School

    Sardar Patel Public School

    Affiliated to the Council for the ICSE/ISC Examinations, New Delhi.
    Affiliation Code:UP307

"I alone cannot change the world,but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples"-Mother Teresa

Welcome to Sardar Patel Public School

Sardar Patel Group of Schools has been established at Kanpur in the cherished memory of the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Responding to the educational desires of South Kanpur, Sardar Patel Inter College was established in the year 1989 by late Ch. Ram Samujh Patel. The school is located in Barra area of Kanpur city.
Under the dynamic guidance of our founder principal Ch. Shailendra Patel, we have been one of the top schools affiliated to UP Board in Kanpur, delivering excellent academic results for more than 30 years. We have now expanded our horizons to modern-day contemporaries like ICSE/ISC and CBSE. Consequently, Sardar Patel Public School offers education in English medium based purely on ICSE-ISC curriculum. The spirit and ethos of the school and our family stands renowned. A day school for boys and girls, this premier educational institution is known not just for its academic excellence but also its co-curricular & extra-curricular activities.

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Late Ch. Ramsamujh Patel 'Bapuji

Late Ch. Ramsamujh Patel 'Bapuji' was a passionate educationist and renowned social reformer. Himself being influenced much by the personality of the Iron Man and Modern Architect of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, he established Sardar Patel Inter College in Juhi, Barra area of Kanpur city.

He had served as the principal of Dr. Chiranji Lal Rashtriya Inter College, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur. Hailing from an agricultural family, yet excelling in studies, an enlightened mind he was. He went on to become the first graduate in English from his village.

A fluent and influential lecturer in English, he understood the importance of education and the tremendous opportunities it opens before all. He deeply believed in the philosophy of 'Today's Children are Tommorrow's Future'. He imbibed in him the amalgam of both knowledge and wisdom which shines forth through the annals and corridors of all institutions of Sardar Patel Group of Schools. Where the aim is at producing not only great men of letters but also patriots and people devoted to the service of society and overall humanity. Our institutes shall always endeavor to live upto his ideals.

Sardar Patel (31st October, 1875 - 15th December, 1950)

By common endeavor we can raise the country to a new greatness, while a lack of unity will expose us to fresh calamities. "- Iron Man of India

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, believed to be the Bismarck of modern India, is the architect of independent India by uniting 562 princely states. The first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of India, Sardar Patel is acclaimed across the world for introducing several reforms besides taking bold decisions. Popularly known as the ''Iron Man of India'', earned this nomenclature because of his iron will, determination and passion to achieve what he aimed for. His intrinsic qualities have inspired many students, teachers, learners, leaders since decades in all spheres of society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to nurture our students to realize their own potential and identify and achieve their goals in an environment of rich tutelage and harmonious learning while keeping alive the spirit of togetherness towards the path of enlightenment. Our aim is to bring forth responsible citizens of the world who make a difference and who will make the parents, school and nation proud at all times.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare our children for life by:-

  • Broadening their horizons so that their vision encompasses the whole of mankind.
  • Deepening their thoughts so that they achieve their perfection of mind.
  • Incorporating the essential values of honesty, humility, patriotism, discipline, courage and determination as envisaged by the great unifier, Sardar Patel.
  • Guiding them to face adversities without fear and overcome challenges with confidence.
  • Inculcating in them the sense of social and gender parity so that they rise above the barriers of discrimination of any kind.
  • Inspiring them to strive for pursue of excellence

Ch. Shailendra Patel

"If you want to change the world,begin with the children."-Nelson Mandela

Sardar Patel Group of Schools is an edifice of faith. It is the crystallization of the dreams of our Founder, Late Ch. Ramsamujh Patel on the guiding lines of our eponym Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. With the belief that character building and personality development are the core aspects of all learning process, we aim at moulding the students into good citizens, making them responsible individuals and grooming them into complete adults fit to compete in the contemporary global world.

The school has been constantly imbibing excellence in students, who have won many laurels in co-scholastic and extra-curricular activities. The achievements of 28 years can never be penned down on this single page but the glory of the school itself has a million words to say. Our constant endeavour has been to provide the best of facilities and amenities in education, so that when our students step out into the world, they are at par with the contemporary era and find their own path 'From Darkness to Light' as is envisioned in our motto.

Mrs Geeta Patel

A teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning himself. A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame. The teacher who has come to the end of his subject, who has no living traffic with his knowledge but merely repeats his lesson to his students, can only load their minds, he cannot quicken them." - Swami Vivekanand

When we mention education, it weaves a simple picture in our minds of a student learning and a teacher teaching, but education is beyond the classical paper-pencil board theory. It has evolved into the giant wheel that has many spokes such as personality management, time management, competing beyond boundaries etc. We, at SPPS, have strived hard to propagate our age old theory to impart quality education at affordable price to the able scholars who seek excellence in their pursuit for an indomitable career

Offering an experience with a world class difference, we welcome all with open arms to enrich themselves with Indian values and modernity at the same time. I congratulate Principal, Vice Principal and staff for their dedication to help the students traverse the greater heights of academic excellence and holistic growth. I wish the staff and the students the best in all their future endeavours.


State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

The school has spacious, airy, well-ventilated & well-lit classrooms. All rooms are equipped with furniture, smart boards & display boards. It makes teaching effective & learner friendly.


The school promotes an effective physical education. SPPS is equipped with playing-fields and sporting facilities where students are encouraged to take up sports and other activities.


SPPS Library, has a modern look and is well lighted with a peaceful green environment around. It is stocked with a collection of books, subscribes to current affairs magazines and newspapers there is a fairly large collection of Reference books

Biology Lab

In the biology lab, the students study Study of slides under the microscopes or studying the museum specimens kindles a natural curiosity towards Nature and instills a joy of learning the flora & fauna around us.

Computer Lab

The school has 2 efficient labs, separate for Senior and Junior sections. We urge the students into the foray of advanced computer skills, integral tools assisting the overall learning process under the guidance of a mentor. All the computers are well-equipped & handled.

Physics Lab

Well planned, spacious and well equipped Physics lab has all the interesting sets of equipment to reinforce scientific and experimental concepts and facilitate in developing investigative skills.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry laboratory is well ventilated as well as spacious. It has some of the most accurate digital measuring instruments required for measuring chemicals.

Smart Classes

School campus has a repository of world class E – learning modules aligned with the curriculum. The digitalized classrooms is provided with interactive whiteboard. These enhanced learning spaces provide 3D experience which integrates curriculum with technology, thus helping in sharpening the analytical faculties of students.

Inhouse Auditorium & Conference Hall

The school has an aesthetically appealing auditorium reverberating with talent where the cultural life of the institution flourishes. It is abuzz with activities such. It also houses a second conference cum multimedia hall which is abuzz with ideas.


Students are provided an opportunity to join NCC, to inculcate the feeling of nationalism and 'Ekta or Anusashan' in life. The guard of honour, unfurling of the National Flag, marches on Independence Day and Republic Day and escorting chief guests for various functions are all done by our young cadets. Participation in several NCC social-awareness activities inside and outside the school has fostered the cadets develop qualities.

Scouts & Guides

Class 8th and below are enrolled in Scouts and Guides to build confidence and self-esteem, learn life skills, leadership skills, team building etc. They form the School Band in various functions and lead the junior wing whenever leadership is needed.